A new Clean Air Walking Route is finalised in Hammersmith

Local residents and workers are being offered a healthier alternative to their usual routes around town thanks to an initiative from HammersmithLondon and Cross River Partnership (CRP).

CRP have been working across London to devise a series of Clean Air Walking Routes aimed at lowering pollution exposure for commuters and all those out exploring the capital.

The pollution data is provided by the Environmental Research Group at King’s College and updated hourly, based on London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory models and the latest measurements from monitoring stations on the London Air Quality Network.

And, with the help of HammersmithLondon, CRP have now finalised a new clean-air route between Hammersmith Station and Furnivall Gardens (pictured above).

Independent monitoring by Kings College London has shown that the routes identified by CRP and their partners have between 30% and 60% lower air pollutant concentrations than more heavily-used alternatives between transport hubs and key pedestrian destinations.

You can find other clean air routes and check pollution levels across Hammersmith here.