Anti-idling event encourages drivers to switch off their engines

On Tuesday 20 March, we ran an anti-idling event in the town centre in partnership with LBHF Council’s Air Quality team and Idling London.

Poor air quality is a major health concern, and the main source of pollution is road transport. Some vehicle journeys cannot be helped, but leaving your engine running when parked (idling) creates unnecessary pollution. Putting a stop to idling is a simple way we can all help to clean up the air that we breathe.

The event was part of a London-wide behaviour change campaign which is helping to reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists who leave their engines running when parked.  Idling degrades local air quality, impacts our health and creates unpleasant walking and cycling environments.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness and encourage behaviour change in a positive way. Air Quality champions asked drivers to switch off their engines when parked for more than a minute, to help improve local air quality, with positive results as the majority of drivers switched off their engines when asked. The volunteers engaged with a large number of pedestrians and drivers around Hammersmith town centre with positive results and were able to debunk some of the common myths around idling engines.

We hope to keep spreading the message and improve the environment for all who use it.