Beacon event

On 7 June, the BID in partnership with Hammersmith & Fulham Council hosted an event to celebrate the public art installation ‘Beacon’ which is currently on show in the atrium of the Hammersmith town hall extension.

Supported by the Swiss Embassy in the United Kingdom, guests were invited to view the installation and meet its creator, Swiss award-winning artist Nicolas K Feldymeyer.

At the reception, BID Director Patricia Bench thanked everyone for attending and introduced Nicolas who spoke of how he was inspired to create an installation that provided light in the predominately concrete area. The installation is made from an impressive 396 lengths of string – which laid end-to-end would span four kilometres.

In a recent interview, Nicolas detailed the process behind ‘Beacon’.

“The first time I came to the town hall I was impressed by the heavy waffle ceiling and the rough concrete,” Nicolas said. “I liked the empty glass atrium and that you can see down to it from the first-floor offices.”

“But those characteristics also made it a challenge to find the right form as the dimensions are quite daunting,” he added. “The atrium space is very high and not very accessible. The glass walls on all sides provide no background and are very reflective, which makes it hard for the installation to have a strong presence.

“I finally settled on a pyramid, with the whole floor of the atrium as its base, reaching the first floor of the Town Hall at its summit, breaking through the heavy concrete ceiling and enclosing the column.”

Beacon was commissioned by the BID and Hammersmith & Fulham Council as part of their ongoing commitment in developing Hammersmith as a cultural destination. The BID supports the council’s art strategy which aims to enhance the contribution of arts to the local community and economy by developing Hammersmith as a thriving borough for the arts. Events and initiatives such as the annual Summer Festival, organised by the BID provide unique cultural experiences accessible to all, making Hammersmith an attractive and exciting place to live, work, do business in and visit.

About the artist

After completing an MSc in architecture in Zurich, Nicolas K Feldmeyer went on to study Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute on a Fulbright Grant. Feldmeyer received an MFA with distinction from the Slade School of Art, UCL in 2012. His work was awarded the Saatchi and Channel 4’s New Sensation Prize 2012 and the William Coldstream Prize amongst others and was exhibited internationally, including at the Photographer’s Gallery and Art15 in London, as well as Liste Basel, Photo Basel, Off-Course Bruxelles and MIA Milan.

Quotes courtesy of London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham