BID Ambassador June Update

Over the past month, the BID’s Ambassador has been a welcome presence on the streets of Hammersmith.

During June, the BID Ambassador welcomed 823 visitors to Hammersmith, carried out 223 specific business visits and logged 119 cleansing issues, 92% of which have been dealt with. All of these incidents reported by the Ambassador are sent to the BID and Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Cleansing team. Furthermore, he reported issues relating to buskers and charity chuggers which always rise in the summer months and are sent on to the council.

The Ambassador is also on hand to offer directions and advice. During June the most requested destinations in Hammersmith were:

  • Eventim Apollo
  • Hammersmith Underground
  • Novotel Hotel
  • Primark
  • King Street

This confirms the trend of Hammersmith being a tourist destination, with visitors coming to enjoy the entertainment events on offer as well as the shopping.

Throughout June, he has been a constant presence on Lyric Square as well, greeting those who have come to see the cultural activities the BID has on offer as part of the annual Summer Festival.

Remember to keep a lookout for the latest deals and promotions, our BID Ambassador is more than happy to answer any questions you have about the area.