BID Police

Good progress is being achieved by the BID officers in their fight against cycle crime. During a recent proactive operation in the town centre, a prolific offender was caught in the act of trying to sell a stolen pedal cycle. Subsequent enquiries led to the recovery of a second stolen bike and their further arrest. Another Hammersmith bike thief was caught in the act last month due to targeted patrols in crime hotspots, the known criminal was also further arrested for other theft related matters. Proactivity in the form of sting operations are set to continue throughout the year, as are our security bike marking crime prevention initiatives.

Another issue we are facing is the escalation of knife crime and violence  across the capital. The additional level of policing provided by the BID funded officers and safer neighbourhood teams continue to provide high visibility reassurance and address anti-social behaviour through their daily patrols across the town centre. Proactive operations and the searching of communal areas for weapons stashed are also regularly conducted, successful results this month include the recovery of a sword blade concealed in a walking stick in Ashcroft Square and a male arrested for possession of an offensive weapon on Fulham Palace Road, W6. There has also been a significant number of youths arrested in possession of knives.

Moped enabled crime remains a concern for the Metropolitan Police and the BID officers across the town centre. To address this, they have been coordinating operations targeting suspects believed to be using mopeds to commit robberies and thefts in the King Street area. On one occasion, officers were fortunate to escape serious injury when a priority offender attempted to run police over on a moped in an attempt to escape – before he was safely detained and arrested.