How safe is your business - use the BID's Business Continuity Checklist

Over the past few months HammersmithLondon have been asking businesses about their approach to business continuity – if there was a major incident in Hammersmith that prevented you from entering your business, would you cope?

This was put to the test recently when a suspect package was detonated outside Hammersmith Broadway and a cordon was set up to clear the area. The disruption only lasted around an hour but what if it had continued, or worse caused significant damage to the area. Would you be able to trade, could you be sure that your staff would be safe and how would you ensure your business would cope?

The answer could be having a business continuity plan. It has been said that businesses with a business continuity plan are 80% more likely to succeed in a major incident than ones that don’t. Having a plan is essential to many large businesses but it is small to medium businesses that would need it the most is a crisis.

HammersmithLondon have been working closely with LBHF Council and the Met Police Counter terrorism Team to research and develop a Business Continuity plan for the Hammersmith area. Whilst businesses may already have some plans in place for fire emergencies, many would evacuate to the same place and this would not be advisable for all forms of threat such as terrorism.

The Hammersmith Business Continuity Plan deals with this and other concerns for the area as well as providing a one stop guide on how to reduce the negative effects of a major disruption.

Fill in our business-continuity-assessment-checklist, answer honestly if you feel you have the areas in question covered and if so, do they need updating and putting into practice. If you feel that like to receive the plan and speak to someone about Business Continuity then please contact Matthew John at the BID office on 020 3362 4626.