Bogus Police and Fire Officers Targeting Businesses

Metropolitan Police Intelligence Update

A group of 3 fraudsters claiming to be an officer from the local fire station, an inspecting officer and a plain clothes police officer have been travelling around London carrying out bogus Fire Safety inspections on business premises. They have been advising that fire door safety breaches will incur a £5,000 fine. At this stage, it is not clear what the exact intentions of the group are, whether they are planning to collect money from the fines or whether burglary is the motive.

All Fire Officers carrying out fire audits and inspections have to carry ID and will produce it.

The Metropolitan Police advise that businesses should regularly review their security procedures and:

– Have a procedure in place for booking visitors in and out of the building (some companies require visitors to pre-book their visit.)

– Create a visitor pass for each visitor that specifically details who they are and where they’re allowed to be. Colour code the pass so that you and other staff can clearly identify who is a visitor

– Require visitors to be escorted at all times to ensure they do not enter restricted areas

– Adopt a ‘challenge culture’ to anybody that is not wearing a visitor pass in restricted areas

– Always ensure visitors return their passes before they leave the building.

– Have a system in place to enable you to account for how many visitor passes have been issued and returned. Notify your management of any missing passes

– Have a system in place for accepting deliveries to one agreed location, especially those that are unplanned.

– Do not get distracted – always ask for identification and if necessary phone the company to confirm identity before allowing access

Remain vigilant and report anything suspicious – in an emergency call 999