Business Continuity & Counter-Terrorism Update

Following the wave of recent terrorist attacks, HammersmithLondon wish to ensure that businesses in the area are as prepared as possible for major incidents that could affect them. Being vigilant and reporting anything suspicious, out of the ordinary or a situation that just does not feel right, will go far in combating these and other harmful incidents.

Businesses and staff members are urged to be vigilant and to report anything that looks suspicious or does not feel right to 999 or call the Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321 if you have any information about possible terrorist activity.

Business Continuity

In the light of recent events around the globe that have caused unrest and disruption, you may want to review your building and business continuity plans which can be done by adopting the HammersmithLondon Business Continuity plan. The plan has been constructed specifically for Hammersmith Businesses with the help of the MET Police Counter Terrorism Team, LBHF Emergency Planning Team and experts in resilience planning from the area.

The HammersmithLondon Business Continuity Plan is available to download and features a comprehensive guide on how to manage and mitigate the damage done to your business and staff as a result of a major incident. If a business were suddenly unable to enter their own premises because of a fire, flood, gas leak or terrorism activity then how long would it be able to continue trading?

This is an important question to ask as this is a very distinct possibility: areas may be cordoned off to a radius of hundreds preventing you and your staff from successfully trading. Having a Business Continuity Plan will ensure you are prepared mentally and physically for a force majeure that could cause serious disruption. The plan walks you through what you will need to do to prepare and come through an event unscathed and able to continue your business in Hammersmith.