CCTV Operator oversees drop in shoplifting and anti-social behaviour

The actions of the BID CCTV operator have led to a drop in shoplifting and anti-social behaviour in Hammersmith this year.

The eagled-eyed operator, based at the council’s cctv hub in the town hall, focuses solely on the town centre and as a result of his diligence, has helped to make Hammersmith safer. The number of incidents reported to the operator has reduced by 24% compared to earlier in the year and as a result the number of arrests has also fallen. Using the BID’s Safetynet Radio System, the operator is in constant contact with the town’s retail security teams and the Safer Neighbourhood Police team, to ensure that if anything is reported, swift action is taken.

The number of transmissions recorded using the Safetynet system has also fallen by more than 30%, signalling that the area’s Business Crime Partnership is working very efficiently.