BID Funded CCTV – SafetyNet Radio


The BID funded LBHF CCTV officer is the eyes and ears of the Hammersmith SafetyNet radio community. CCTV assists businesses to manage risks effectively through the sharing of information over the airwaves and by working in partnership with the local police to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. Together, they make the town centre a safer environment in which to work, visit, socialise and invest in.

Good examples of team work in action that have been praised by our shops, pubs, partners and the Met Police include:

• The Hammersmith Ram in King St informed CCTV via the SafetyNet radio that they were concerned about the welfare of person who had threatened suicide whilst in the pub. As the vulnerable person left the premises, they were carefully monitored by CCTV who coordinated a policing response to urgently assist. The individual was swiftly located by officers and offered valuable wellbeing support.

• Following an alert over the radio network from Boots regarding an aggressive male who had created a large disturbance inside their shop, CCTV immediately focused on the front door of the premises and requested updates from staff at the location. The suspect was identified exiting the premises and tracked as they began to leave the town centre. Police on route were updated with this new development, and were able to successfully locate and arrest the suspect following a struggle.

• Reports were received that two shoplifters evaded being detained and made off from TK MAXX. The incident was controlled by CCTV, who following highly professional use of the radios by all parties, conducted extensive scanning of the town centre. The suspects were eventually located, and local police were guided in to make the arrests.

• The security team at Belushi’s made CCTV aware of a group of males that had been ejected from the premises. As the situation was being vigilantly monitored and valuable evidence gathered, one of the suspects was seen to square up against the door staff as another took his belt off and used it as a weapon in an unprovoked attack against a passerby. Police were immediately alerted as the violent incident escalated, and their quick arrival prevented further injury and led to the arrest of three suspects for affray. The compelling CCTV footage will now play a significant part in the prosecution’s case.