CCTV Operator hard at work keeping town centre safe

The BID’s eagle-eyed CCTV operator has been hard at work keeping the town centre safe and secure.

A King Street retailer reported to the operator that a suited man was de-tagging items and had possibly stolen a a pair of headphones. The suspect left the store and was tracked by CCTV while the store’s security reviewed their internal footage, before confirming the theft had taken place. Tracking him into into Hammersmith Broadway, CCTV operator passed his exact location to police and the centre’s security team, who located him and arrested him as he was attempting to board a train. This was a perfect example of solid team work within the BID’s security network.

A new BID member reported to CCTV that a man had already left the store with pockets full of stolen items. CCTV picked up the suspect heading through Lyric Square with bulging pockets, and towards Hammersmith Grove. The police were informed by CCTV as to the suspect’s whereabouts. The man started running away from the scene but due to close monitoring and police direction from CCTV they were able to close in and arrest him.

Another King Street retailer alerted CCTV to a very brightly dressed thief, who CCTV picked up almost immediately in Lyric Square. CCTV tracked him and fed his whereabouts back to the store’s security team who detained him and passed him onto the police.