Be Prepared – Not Scared
Launched in 2017, the CitizenAID App remains the premier source for first aid and critical incident advice, providing the public with the knowledge and confidence to take action and save lives in the face of a multi-casualty emergency.

The BID’s Hammersmith Security Group are encouraging businesses across the Hammersmith town centre area to download CitizenAID direct to their smartphones and raise their levels of major emergency awareness. The award-winning App is user-friendly, easy to navigate and provides clear and simple advice, informing the general public on the immediate action to take if caught up in a shooting, stabbing or bomb incident and how to give life-saving first aid to the injured.

CitizenAID is an essential guide to emergency situations, empowering the user to remain focused in challenging environments, and provides them with the critical information that can genuinely save lives.

Developed by highly experienced UK military and civilian clinicians specialised in treating blast and gunshot injuries, the CitizenAID team have also created and implemented UK and internationally recognised systems to treat multiple casualties in both civilian and military environments. The fully comprehensive incident advice has also been endorsed by Counter Terrorism Policing and complements their existing Run Hide Tell strategy.

CitizenAID provides easily accessible information on what to do if a suspect package / bomb is discovered and the immediate actions to take after an explosion has occurred; this includes the simple steps to organise a scene and what information to pass onto the emergency services.

Take a minute now to download the App, familiarise yourself with the valuable information on your tea break or commute to work and #BePreparedNotScared. In the event of a serious incident – you could really make a difference!