Get your workplace involved in National Clean Air Day

Air pollution affects everyone, especially young children and people with heart and lung conditions.  National Clean Air Day takes place on Thursday 21 June and is an opportunity for the country to come together and improve air quality through collective action.

How to get your workplace involved 

There are many easy ways to inform and inspire your employees and colleagues on how they can help tackle air pollution and make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Why not encourage employees to leave their car at home and try active travel to work by walking, cycling or running?  Check the Hammersmith clean air route map which helps plan your journey by showing the best clean air route to your destination.  Encourage delivery drivers and colleagues to turn their engines off when parked to reduce unnecessary pollution.  Find out more about what HammersmithLondon is doing to combat idling.

If you would like to take part in National Clean Air Day and get your workplace involved, visit the Clean Air Day website or contact Business Engagement Manager, Livia Caruso at

Join HammersmithLondon for Clean Air Day

The BID will be taking part in National Clean Air Day on 21 June with activities and events in Lyric Square.  To keep informed on this day and other green events, check the website or follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.