Counter-terrorism training & advice

In the wake of the recent terrorist attack in Westminster, HammersmithLondon wish to ensure that business in the area are as prepared as possible for major incidents that could affect you. The recent attack was an example of the unpredictability of modern incidents and highlights the importance of being aware, prepared and as resilient as possible. Being vigilant and reporting anything suspicious, out of the ordinary or a situation that just does not feel right, will go far in combating these and other harmful incidents.

The UK threat level from international terrorism has remained at severe since 2014 and has not been raised because of this incident. However, businesses and staff members are urged to be vigilant and to report anything that looks suspicious or does not feel right to 999 or call the Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321 if you have any information about possible terrorist activity.

In partnership with the BID, The MET Counter Terrorism Team have set up a Project Griffin Training session in June and a Project Argus is scheduled for later in the year.  Even if you have been to one of these important training sessions before, please send a member of your team or come along and refresh your own knowledge.  To reserve your place, send your details to

 Business Continuity

You may also want to review your building and business continuity plans in the light of this attack which can be done by adopting the HammersmithLondon Business Continuity plan. The plan has been constructed specifically for Hammersmith businesses with the help of the MET Police Counter Terrorism Team, LBHF Emergency Planning Team and experts in resilience planning from the area.

It is worth noting that there are businesses inside the crime scene at Westminster that are not be able to gain access to their premises, even though they were not directly affected. If this were to happen to your business, you would need to have a plan to put into action for your business to carry on.

If there is any vulnerability in your thinking and plans, the HammersmithLondon Business Continuity checklist will quickly highlight these. The full Business Continuity plan will then be made available to you for you to complete, forming your vital response to a major incident and keeping your staff, premises and yourself as safe and resilient as possible. More information can be found here or get in touch.