Drop in town centre crime over the summer months

During the summer months Hammersmith has seen a slight drop in crime as the number of offences occurring in the area decreased by 2% when compared to the same period in 2015.

In particular, violent crimes were down by 7%. However this type of crime still makes up 26% of the total offences for 2016 which the BID believes is too high. The BID is currently in the process of negotiating for the recruitment of additional police officers that will patrol the area and provide a reassuring and highly visible police presence for businesses.

The BID’s CCTV operator has again been making sure Hammersmith is safe by tackling 43 incidents in the BID area and assisting in the arrests of 8 people, carried out by the Safer Neighbourhood Team. During this period retailers have recorded 300 radio transmissions using the BID’s Safetynet Radio system.