CSR Volunteering - read to local children on their doorstep

A local charity is trying to boost literary levels in the area and needs the help of volunteers by helping them read to children.

Doorstep Library, based in Hammersmith and Fulham, visits low income children in their homes after school to read to them and offer a lending library. Over 380 children living on five council estates throughout the borough benefit from the weekly one-to-one reading sessions with trained volunteers.

The concept behind the charity is proving so successful that they are seeking new volunteers to help them continue with their good work and expand to more low income families.
Katie Bareham, director of Doorstep, said: “As a volunteer led organisation, development of our home reading team is essential and that’s why we’re offering volunteers later start times, flexible scheduling and ‘job share’ opportunities. We’re approaching local businesses with these new features and encouraging them to consider Doorstep for their CSR initiatives. Our volunteers find their reading sessions to be incredibly fulfilling and meaningful. It’s an amazing way to give back locally.”

There are a number of ways to support Doorstep Library.

Sponsorship – donations are always needed to enable Doorstep Library to visit and read to a child by funding new books, travel costs etc.
Fundraising – undertaking a challenge such as a sporting race, cake sale or book drive to gain sponsorship for the charity.
Volunteering – Doorstep Library seeks individuals keen on sharing their passion for reading with children. Volunteers provide weekly one on one reading sessions after work

Training will be provided and applicants will be required to fill in a DBS (previously CRB) form. For more information, contact Rupert Basham on 020 3362 4626 or email r.basham@hammersmithlondon.co.uk or consult the Doorstep Library website for dates of their next Information Session