BID seeking additional police officers for the area

The BID is seeking to fund additional police officers for the area which would help address town centre crime.

HammersmithLondon recently attended the Safer Neighbourhood Board where it was revealed that offences for the area have increased by 5%.

This is not a cause for concern, however, as two-thirds of London boroughs also reported a rise. The increases in Hammersmith have been in violence against the person – which has risen by 99 offences, theft of motor vehicle – an extra 52 offences, and possession of drugs – 48 extra offences.

The area remains one of the safest boroughs but we must acknowledge this increase.

As a result HammersmithLondon is in the process of negotiating additional police officers to patrol the the area and are hopeful that some will be ring fenced for Hammersmith.

These officers would be able to address town centre crime and be attached to the BID as extra officers, over and above those provided by the Met Local Policing Teams. We hope to be successful in this endeavour and more information will follow.