February Pubwatch actions for safer town centre

February’s meeting of the evening economy businesses resulted in the banning of 16 patrons by the Pubwatch Board with a total of just over 30 years given out as a result of a variety of serious offences. Issues such as anti-social behaviour, theft, disorderly conduct and several assaults were the reason for the removal of these patrons from frequenting the area pubs and restaurants.

One particular patron was arrested and is now serving time in prison for an attempted sexual assault against a minor and his details have been shown on high alert on the Pubwatch database which shares information between members. The members also flagged up issues such as the discovery of fake £20 notes being circulated around the pubs. The prevalence of fake notes is quite sporadic but their appearance again is a concern. We advise all our members businesses to be aware of fake notes and to check them before accepting.

It will also soon be time for HammersmithLondon to be evaluated for our fourth Safer Business Award from the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships. The NABCP is the governing body for Business Crime Partnerships like the one that was set up by the BID to spread awareness and intelligence to reduce crime levels in the area. The partnership includes both the Pubwatch and Shopwatch forums that ban people from the area and have already won the SBA with Distinction three times. The Award recognises successful and innovative working in partnerships and challenges BIDs to improve their scope and develop their practices, so the BID is keen to achieve success with winning its fourth award.