Fitness First Wellness Events

Fitness First are offering wellness events to local businesses to help boost health and well-being among employees:

Help your employees go further in life and in the office. Our specialist team will deliver a 40 minute standing workshop on postural weakness linked to prolonged hours of sitting and physical inactivity. The educational workshop will identify common restrictions and movement solutions that employees can perform in the office, at the gym and around the house to reduce absence days lost in your office due to musculoskeletal problems.

A 40 minute, interactive wellbeing seminar covering Fitness First’s top 20 tips on exercise and nutrition inspiring your employees to get active, stay active and improve performance to live healthier, fuller lives. The workshop will round off with an open question and answer session to provide each employee with a new goal, habit or
lifestyle change they can implement from the moment they get back to their desks.
Offering a variety of exclusive classes outdoors, in your office or in our clubs. With an extensive class menu, employees can train like an athlete with Fitness First’s signature Pro Athlete session or try a mix of Pilates, Yoga and Thai Chi with a Les Mills Body Balance class. Our fitness professionals can run one off or weekly sessions varying in formats to appeal to all employees tailored to their workout goal, building on team cohesion and improving employee engagement across your workforce.

For more information please contact:
Tim Durance, Corporate Business Manager 07980 687844