BID Summer Festival causes massive footfall boost

Footfall in Hammersmith Town Centre rose significantly during the BID’s three month annual Summer Festival. The programme of events, which included Wimbledon, live opera and the Olympics, was designed to attract people into the town centre and help drive up footfall and spend in Hammersmith, which we’re happy to report it did.

Our footfall figures for the town centre indicate that there was a strong increase in activity during the Summer Festival period with 10 out of the 12 weeks recording an increase on 2015. At its peak, there was a 16% increase on 2015 with almost 9,000 extra people in Hammersmith. This occurred during our second Picnic in the Square week. The two weeks that reported a slight decrease were in June when there was a considerable amount of wet weather.

Retailers felt the benefits as they told us that the town centre did feel a lot busier and as a result helped them to increase their sales.