HammersmithLondon - Operations Manager

Gordon Brockie has an extensive background in Security Risk Analysis, primarily within specialist crime-intelligence policing and multi-agency project management in challenging and complex environments. An innovative solver of problems with bespoke solutions, he brings a bold, dynamic and progressive approach to corporate security that enhances client, partner, senior management and staffing cohesion.

Gordon has an unwavering drive for excellence and consistently strives to exceed client expectations. Career development and the desire to face new challenges inspired him to take his wealth of knowledge and experience into a more client-centric and results driven business environment within the private sector.

He enjoys outdoor activities and his sporting accomplishments include cycle racing for the Scottish national team and snowsports instructing.

To arrange a meeting to discuss any security concerns or requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact Gordon on T 020 3362 4626 M 07931703129 E g.brockie@hammersmithlondon.co.uk