Hammersmith & Fulham Christmas Day Lunch For Older People

No elderly person should spend Christmas Day alone so Hammersmith & Fulham council have created an event to bring together local people from all backgrounds to enjoy a festive meal and live entertainment in good company. The event will bring together 350 people from the community to Hammersmith Town Hall with a team of volunteers young and old, the mayor & local councillors all pulling together to give the guests a memorable day.

To make this event happen there are five key elements that need funding:

1. Transport- Fully accessible door to door service;

2. Qualified carers- Assisting guests on the day with personal care;

3. Catering & equipment- Christmas lunch with all the trimmings;

4. Entertainment & decor- Professional live acts, Christmas tree & gifts;

5. Event management- Experienced logistics team

 If the donation target is not reached, the council will not receive anything and the event will not go ahead, so please help to spread the festive cheer this Christmas by supporting the event and giving generously!