Hammersmith Security Group Update

Following the escalation in terrorist attacks across the UK and London throughout 2017, the Hammersmith Security Group has been formed to support the business community in times of crisis, raise public vigilance and to encourage a strong security culture amongst our members and across our wider network.

Working in close partnership with the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command, MPS Business Crime Reduction, our BID funded police officers and local police we aim to deliver a quality of service that safeguards your staff welfare and assets during an emergency and that focuses on crime prevention measures particular to your sector. We will accomplish this by:

Monitoring the ever-changing threatscape to our community and addressing issues via our Hammersmith BID risk management strategy.

Implementing an early warning terror alert system direct to your smartphone via social media.

Delivering time-sensitive key messages and advice to our members during an emergency, enabling your organisation to make an accurate risk assessment.

Acting as a single point of contact and direct link to emergency services support and LBHF.

Supporting your business continuity plans.

Enhancing security measures by connecting the business community via our SafetyNet radio network.

Promoting Project Griffin and Project Argus.

Releasing pertinent security, intelligence and crime prevention updates via e-shot, twitter, whatsapp and @ hammersmithlondonbid.co.uk

Representing the business communities requirements at LBHF emergency planning level.

Offering a free and independent security advisory service.



The Security Group is free for all Hammersmith BID members and meets biannually. It has been created to form a stronger security sector across Hammersmith and a safer environment in which to work, visit and invest in. For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss what benefits the group will bring you, please contact the Hammersmith BID Operations Manager, Gordon Brockie on T 020 3362 4626 M 07931703129  E g.brockie@hammersmithlondon.co.uk

The threat level to the UK from International terrorism is currently SEVERE – A TERRORIST ATTACK IS HIGHLY LIKELY

Look out for anything that seems out of place, unusual, or doesn’t seem to fit in with day-to-day life. It may be nothing but if you see or hear anything that could be terrorist related trust your instinct no matter how small then ACT by calling 999. Non-urgent terrorism related information can be given by contacting the anti-terrorism hotline on 0800 789 321