Hammersmith Security Group

Following the escalation of terrorist attacks throughout 2017, urban areas across the UK and Europe are now facing the constant reality of heightened levels of security threats that have the potential to dramatically affect the local and national economy. In addition to terrorism, negative economic impact factors to businesses also include crime, anti-social behaviour and major emergencies (fire, flood, electrical failure, building collapse, critical incident etc).

Individual businesses alone cannot address the threats that exist in the surrounding geographical environment in which they operate in. To address this we have formed the Hammersmith Security Group (HSG) and are working with key partners that include Counter Terrorism Policing to solidify business resilience across our town centre.

By raising awareness of risk and supporting our levy payer’s with bespoke mitigation measures, the HSG aims to create a strong security culture with a community ethos of managing areas of vulnerability collectively. To achieve our goal of a safer and more attractive operating area for businesses to invest in and prosper, the BID has designed and implemented a number of projects and initiatives that include:


A comprehensive ISO 31000 Security Risk Analysis (SRA) programme managing risk across the BID geographical footprint.

Implementing an early warning terror alert system direct to member’s smartphones via social media.

A major emergency contingency planning and support strategy that will deliver time-sensitive key messages and advice to our members during an emergency.

Hosting and sponsoring regular counter terrorism training events and workshops.

Through our BID funded police officers, we can act as a single point of contact and direct link to emergency services support.

Supporting your business continuity plans.

Providing our offices, retail, evening economy and security teams with enhanced levels of communication via our SafetyNet Radio Network and BID Funded CCTV Operator.

Releasing pertinent security, intelligence and crime prevention updates via e-shot, twitter, whatsapp and website articles.

Representing the business communities concerns and requirements at LBHF emergency planning level.

Offering a free and independent security advisory service.



The Security Group is free for all Hammersmith BID members. For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss what benefits the group will bring you, please contact the Hammersmith BID Operations ManagerGordon Brockie on T 020 3362 4626 M 07931703129  g.brockie@hammersmithlondon.co.uk



If you see or hear something suspicious, trust your instincts and ACT. Report it in confidence at www.gov.uk/ACT.  Your actions could save lives.