Luisa Martinez returns to the HammersmithLondon as Project Support

We are happy to welcome back Luisa Martinez to the team as Project Support.

Luisa will be on hand to provide administrative support to the team to meet the objectives of the business plan. She will also provide on-the-ground support to businesses in the BID area, providing training and advice on the HammersmithBID SafetyNet radio system.

Luisa was originally part of the HammersmithLondon BID team as an Ambassador.  She was a key link between the local businesses and the community,  welcoming visitors to the BID area, providing information and promoting upcoming events.  She was also responsible for liaising with businesses to resolve any operational issues.

Prior to returning to the HammersmithLondon BID team, Luisa worked as a Training Manager at The Welcome People, an organisation that provided ‘Ambassadors’ to UK BID’s. While there, she worked closely with BID Managers in training and mentoring the staff, ambassadors, to fulfil their role.  She has an extensive background in staff management, retail management, customer service, and corporate coaching & training.
To get in touch with Luisa, please contact her on T 020 3362 4626 M 07818 635200 E