Lyric In The Square

During the month of June, Lyric in the Square delighted the public in Hammersmith with an array of drama and dance pieces, encouraging people from all walks of life to come and see what the Lyric and its partners have to offer.

Infinity Series (Young Lyric Company) 6th and 7th June

The Young Lyric Company create a hypnotic physical theatre response to the last day of school! Using themes from SEVENTEEN by Matt Whittet, they tell the tale of love, friendships and moving on.

First Person (Zest Theatre) 13th and 14th June

Two players enter the Labyrinth of a virtual world and compete for the ultimate prize: Happiness. Viewers were immersed in the game with the use of headphones, and the ability to swap between characters on the headsets.

Da Native (Far from the norm) 20th and 21st June

Da Native gathers nomads from sacred sanctuaries acress the world to a shared dusty landscape. The use of tribal music, acting and dance was a revelation and enjoyed by many.

Dance in the Square (DanceWest) 26th to 28th June

A compilation of energetic and thought-provoking dances. From a piece based around the famous ‘Great Expectations’ character Miss Havisham and Queen Victoria and their respective tragic losses to an interpretation of narration and dance, no two pieces were the same.

Check out the gallery here.