Meet our new Ambassador - Sebastian

We are delighted to welcome our new Ambassador Sebastian to the HammersmithLondon team.

Sebastian is instantly recognisable in his distinctive bowler hat and smart attire. He can be seen most days helping people across the town centre with information, advice or recommendations.

In between making visitors feel welcome, Sebastian also plays an important role in liaising with the business community, listening to their valuable feedback and keeping them up to date on what the BID is delivering.

The Ambassador also ensures environmental issues such as street cleansing, maintenance concerns and health & safety risks are promptly reported online to our LBHF partners.

As well as his high level of professionalism and friendly nature, Sebastian is also security industry qualified and will be providing an enhanced level of support to our businesses by working in close partnership with our BID funded CCTV operator and BID police team via the Hammersmith Safetynet radio system.

“I really enjoy meeting new people and I’m looking forward to making a positive contribution to Hammermsith every day.”

So, don’t be shy, please say hello to Sebastian next time you see him around town.