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Kings Mall Residency

Project description


HammersmithLondon BID, in partnership with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and Kings Mall, proposed the Kings Mall Residency as part of the borough’s Art Strategy to address the threefold issue of empty units in the shopping centre, a lack of affordable studio space for artists in London and the need for readily accessible public art.

The objective was to create a vibrant area in the shopping centre.

Kings Mall supplied the unit and the BID took applications from local artists who would become our ‘Artists in Residence’. Because of its position within a shopping centre, the Residency was a unique space where the public could view and interact with the usually hidden world of artists at work.

Project outputs


The BID invested just £1,500 and achieved an increase in visitors for the gallery events, more awareness of the Mall and the met the overall Arts Strategy.

The artists produced work which was exhibited for free and open to the art world and to the public, where they could sell and inform members of the public of their works. The exhibitions were themed around the shopping centre, demonstrating a unique collaboration between artists and public and between BID, borough and shopping centre.

The Residency was very well received by the public and by the artists, as measured using feedback on social media, online articles and the artists themselves. It was described by one of the artists as a ‘great space’ and in the message book as a ‘fantastic idea’ which put ‘art where it should be, with the people’. It also featured in a blog article online under the heading ‘Best UK Art Borough’.