The BID will continue to keep Hammersmith safe and secure through the award-winning Business Crime Partnership. Initiatives such as Pubwatch, Shopwatch and Safetynet will allow town centre traders to remain vigilant and alert and the BID's CCTV operator will continue to monitor the area.

We will also continue to work closely with the police to target specific crimes and threats that affect the town centre and represent business needs at forums such as local ward panels and the safer neighbourhood board.



Making Hammersmith a cleaner and more pleasant place to work, live and visit will not only help to make the town centre become more attractive but improve its sustainablility. The BID can do this by providing additional planting, new green infrastructure and expanding its recycling service as well as by monitoring the air quality and cleanliness of the area.

We will also continue to inform and engage about new developments and public realm schemes as well as encourage greener methods of transport.



The BID is dedicated to helping businesses engage with their community by providing a service that enables them to deliver on their Corporate Social Responsibility agendas. By forging successful partnerships between businesses, local charities and community groups, the BID will help match up companies with local projects and opportunities that tie in with their CSR agenda.

Creating a programme of opportunities, the BID will make it simple for businesses who want to give back to the community through volunteering, sponsorship or fundraising.



Through our vibrant programme of events we are able to give Hammersmith a distinct sense of character, helping it to become a more attractive destination. We will explore new ways to deliver outdoor entertainment by bolstering the current Summer Festival and Christmas events and we wil develop new partnerships to help promote Hammersmith's artistic heritage.

The BID's multi-lingual BID ambassador programme will be further developed and there will be a focus on promoting and installing pop-up shops in the town's empty units.



Embracing new technology will allow the BID to better promote the high street as well as connect with employees, residents and visitors, further enhancing Hammersmith's appeal. By expanding and digitising the popular E-Privilege Card through a new Smartphone app, great deals and offers will be available at the touch of button and the the latest iBeacon technology will allow users to have a more personal retail experience.

We will look to further expand the free Wi-Fi service in the town centre and will promote new shopping methods such as click & collect.



The BID has spent the past 18 months consulting with businesses about our projects and programmes for the formation of our third term Business Plan. The feedback obtained helped the BID evaluate all aspects of its service delivery and provided recommendations on how performance and impact could be improved and maximised.

Furthermore we sought to uncover the programmes and services businesses wanted to see over the next five years in Term 3 helping to form a framework for the 2016-2021 Business Plan.

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