The perception of Hammersmith as a safe and secure area is still as important as ever and HammersmithLondon is focused on the continued development of the BID’s security model and Business Crime Partnership by providing services aimed at delivering a safe and confident town centre. We are committed to:

  • • Developing the Business Crime Partnership to help businesses drive down crime
  • • Continuing direct engagement with the police
  • • Representing local business interests
  • • Targeting specific crimes and threats that affect the town centre


• Targeting specific crimes with proactive police sting operations for crime affecting retailers and the evening economy

• Continuing to provide a dedicated CCTV operator to monitor the BID area

• Working the Metropolitan Police cyber-crime unit to advise businesses on cyber-crime unit to advise businesses on cyber-crime prevention

• Reporting anti-social behaviour via the BID ambassador

• Expanding the Safetynet offer to include more training and increase the number of users


• Representing the needs of local businesses at forums such as local ward panels and the safer neighbourhood board

• Managing and chairing Pubwatch to discuss issues and continuing to ban unwanted patrons

• Managing Shopwatch and Facewatch software that enables retailers to share and report information and images of anti-social offenders in live time with the police

• Hosting regular crime awareness events such as 'Wise up' and counter-terrorism training such as Project Argus

• Offering free bike marking, burglary prevention and safety advice on an ongoing basis


The BID will monitor its Safer Town targets through:

• Police and CCTV incident reports

• CCTV control room figures

• Police ward crime figures

• Safetynet transmissions

• Pubwatch meetings and reports



The BID’s Pubwatch scheme has been operational since 2007 and provides an opportunity for all licenced premises in Hammersmith town centre to meet and discuss best practice and to raise any concerns or issues they may have.

Representatives from the police and LBHF licensing team also attend the meetings. The BID has also launched a new Shopwatch scheme, in which local retailers are invited to join our Business Crime Partnership where they will be able to liaise with police and likeminded retailers to help put a stop to shoplifting in Hammersmith.

For more information on Shopwatch, click here. To sign up for either Shopwatch or Pubwatch, email



Located in the Town Hall’s state-of-the-art CCTV room, the operator oversees the town centre and is able to zoom in and locate any incidents within a moment’s notice using the latest high definition, infra-red and LED technology CCTV cameras.

Using the BID’s Safetynet radio scheme businesses can contact the operator immediately.



The BID works in partnership with the Metropolitan Police to ensure that businesses are provided with the most up-to-date and relevent counter terrorism advice.

Supporting and promoting events such as Project Argus and Project Griffin helps boost awareness and the BID and Safer Neighbourhood Team are available to provide further information about adopting business continuity plans.

For further information, please email or call 0203 362 4626.

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