Bicycle Theft

Although cycle theft crime figures remain high across Hammersmith town centre, the BID funded police officers have been successful in arresting a number of bike thieves over the past few months and reuniting stolen bikes with their owners. Proactivity is continuing through an increased number of sting operation deployments in identified hot spots as well as additional resources being allocated to higher impact investigations, the officers have also been conducting high visibility patrols in targeted areas.

To complement the policing strategy, the BID have funded a series of highly popular security bike marking events held over the summer in Lyric Square. Cyclists within the business community have benefited from this free service that marks their bikes with a tamper resistant code that is uploaded with their details onto the bikeregister national database used by the police. The visible code also acts as a deterrent to potential thieves, personal accounts can be updated by the cyclists online and stolen cycles stand a greater chance of recovery in the event of a theft. Click here for more information on our events and crime preventive advice. To arrange a site visit to review your own business bike parking security, please contact Gordon Brockie, Operations Manager:


Theft of Personal Property

Between July and September, the bespoke crime stats provided by LBHF for the BID area show a decrease in general theft offences by 25%. Despite this good news for retailers and visitors to the area, what is alarming is the targeting of personal property by organised criminals and opportunistic thieves both here in the town centre and across the capital. If out shopping, in a bar or restaurant, make sure you keep your property next to you at all times and be aware of people who may try to distract you in order to stealthily steal your belongings. Mobile phones on tables, laptops on seats, bags on the floor and purses / wallets in outside pockets are all easy pickings for the determined thief.


Community Protection Orders

With the significant cuts to policing across the UK, town centres across the capital are increasingly vulnerable to rises in crime and anti-social behaviour. Remaining vigilant of these risk factors, not only do our BID officers provide a great service to our Hammersmith business community but recently they have been utilising the powerful legislation supporting community protection orders that robustly and effectively deals with persistent offenders having a negative crime and anti-social impact in the BID area. Recent examples of banning notices from the area served include a habitual thief targeting our pubs & shops, an aggressive intimidating individual harassing passers-by for money and a violent offender regularly engaging in anti-social and threatening behaviour.


Counterfeit Bank Notes

During our Hate Crime Awareness day in Lyric Square, BID and SNT police officers supporting the event were alerted by a local business of a gang operating in the area defrauding shops with fake Bank of Ireland £50 notes. Acting swiftly and with the help of the BID funded CCTV operator, the suspects were located and arrested nearby. Due to the fact they had a quantity of cash and a further £400 of fake notes on them in £20 and £50 denominations, it’s feared that they may have committed similar offences in more business premises across Hammersmith town centre. To address this concern, our BID ambassador personally visited all retail, pub and food outlets in the town centre and updated them of this incident. For identification purposes and to assist in the prevention and detection of crime, images of these offenders can now be viewed on the Hammersmith ShopWatch App & website. If your business has fallen victim to this scam, please contact the police on 101. To join ShopWatch and the BID Crime Reduction Partnership please contact


Please click on the following links to view our quarterly Hammersmith BID funded policing news at Safer Town March & Safer Town June. To find out more on how the BIDs Security Risk Analysis programme is making Hammersmith a safer environment in which to work, visit and invest in, please contact Operations Manager, Gordon Brockie at T 020 3362 4626, M 07931 703 129, E