Safer Town News - December 2017

BID Funded Police Team


The theft of pedal cycles continues to be a concern, local crime hotspots include Lyric Square, The Broadway transportation hub and King Street W6. The BID are actively working in partnership with the Met Police in tackling this issue head-on through the use overt and covert methods.

Further support is being given to the cycle community and local police by raising an awareness of this issue through crime prevention advice that is being delivered across the town centre, helping to ensure your bike remains safe and not a statistic. Find out more

Thefts from parking meters also experienced a spike this month, however this trend is not anticipated to continue due to the arrest of a prolific parking meter thief who had broken into a number of meters around Hammersmith Broadway. He was caught and arrested on 23/11/2017 by the Broadway Team.

The BIDs SafetyNet radio training package has been completed ahead of schedule and is fully supporting the retail sector as it gears up for the Christmas rush. A noticeable improvement in the levels of radio usage and quality of transmissions is already clearly evident and has resulted in an increase in police stops and arrests.

The staff at Superdrug and TK MAXX have come in for special praise this month due to their proactivity in the face of shoplifters and for their positive contribution to the SafetyNet radio community.

Community reassurance high visibility patrols continue on a daily basis across the BID area with resources paying special attention to the Broadway transportation hub, Kings Mall, Apollo and Lyric venues.

ASB - Anti-Social Behaviour


BID funded officer, PC Pekavera, arrested a male who was causing a disturbance at a local charity shop, due to the quality of evidence gathered at the scene, the CPS authorised a charge of racially aggravated common assault. The store has since expressed their sincere thanks for the professional manner in which this highly distressing incident was dealt with.

A variety of ASB issues including youths causing a disturbance at the Broadway and others at St Pauls Church were robustly dealt with – ASB remains a priority for the BID Officers and local Safer Neighbourhood Teams and due to the excellent levels of commitment to date, Hammersmith town centre is not experiencing the same levels of issues witnessed in similar areas across the Capital.

We are continuing our successful working partnership with the Met Police and LBHF in tackling ASB issues relating to street beggars and rough sleepers. Full support is given to members of this vulnerable group as well as enforcing the law on those who are exploiting the system.

The numbers of rough sleepers have decreased to a few, these issues are being dealt with through the use of short and long term sustainable solutions. If your business requires advice on this matter, please contact BID Operations Manager, Gordon Brockie

The number of street begging incidents are also going down. The seasonal change in weather does play a small part in this reduction but the main causation factor is due to the proactive stance being taken by the local SNT, BID Officers and CCTV. During November, a number of beggars were served with written warnings and full community protection notices.

BID Sponsored CCTV


The BID funded CCTV Officer remains an integral part of the HammersmithLondon SafetyNet community. Working closely with the business community and policing teams, together they make the town centre a safer and more connected environment in which to work, invest in and for visitors to enjoy.

Good examples of team work in action this month that have been praised by the Met Police control room include:

- Shoplifters who made off from TK MAXX. They were tracked in real time by CCTV, who helped coordinate a tactical approach by the police on the ground who swiftly located and arrested the suspects.

- Following a report of shoplifting from Marks and Spencer, the CCTV operator immediately reviewed the footage and positively identified a known offender. The suspect was located on camera later in the day and arrested by police.

- CCTV spotted 4 males attacking another in King St, W6. The information was passed to police as they made off, they were tracked to the Broadway, where police were directed in and arrested all 4. They were also further arrested through information received via the SafetyNet radios relating to offences at Kings Mall.

Hammersmith Security Group


Focusing on security and business resilience, with partners including the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command, the group continues to grow across the Hammersmith office, retail, pub and leisure sector. Significant projects now live across the BID area include:

- Risk Management - addressing areas of vulnerability within the BID environment.

- An early warning terror alert system direct to your smartphone via social media.

- A pre-planned communications strategy in place to support the business community in the event of a major emergency

- Business Continuity Plans created by the BID specifically for our diverse business community.

For further details, please refer to this article . To arrange a meeting to discuss what benefits and support the group can bring to your business, email the BID Operations Manager -

HammersmithLondon PubWatch


The Hop Poles in King Street kindly hosted this month’s Hammersmith PubWatch meeting. The supporting structures in place for the pubs & night economy was clearly evident by the numerous partners in attendance from the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the Met Police and HammersmithLondon BID.

Due to a gap of seven months since the last meeting and changes in personnel, November’s PubWatch was very much about solidifying the current model and exploring more efficient and advantageous ways for the group to progress.

PubWatch Website

All banning orders will now be administered via the secure and data protection compliant, software platform ‘DISC Litoralis’. The DISC website and App is funded and managed by the BID.

The website is also kept updated with the latest counter terrorism and crime prevention news, advice and initiatives as well as acting as a one stop shop for all licensing related material designed to support the Hammersmith pub community.

Met Police Licensing

The Met Police licensing officer, Tom Stewart endorsed the use of DISC and praised its quality of content. He also promoted the #ASKFORANGELA campaign. This initiative is targeted at the evening economy and supports vulnerable persons who may feel threatened by a date or from unwanted attention. Find out more.

BID funded officer

In addition to the support from the licensing officer, the pubs can also reach out on a daily basis to their local BID funded police officer, PC Matt Holland. He gave some good advice on making the pubs safer by the smarter use of in-house CCTV systems and the benefits of joining the SafetyNet Radio scheme. He also provided crime prevention advice relating to the spike in bicycle thefts. Read more.

Counter Terrorism

Grant Lumsden from the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command was a welcome addition to the meeting. He stressed that although no direct intelligence is held from a counter terrorism and public safety perspective - the night economy remains a soft target for potential attacks. The threat level is not anticipated to change and is unfortunately a sign of the times we are living in. Publicans were urged to raise the level of security vigilance within their workplace and embrace all the latest updates and advice on the website. They were also encouraged to engage with initiatives such as Project Argus and Project Griffin via the BID Operations Manager, Gordon

The London PROTECT – Counter Terrorism Protective Security Newsletter can be accessed online.

Although no banning orders were administered on this occasion, it is anticipated that this will improve in 2018 through a higher level of engagement between the pubs and police licensing.

The BID remains focused on making the meetings a productive use of the members time and supporting the evening economy in establishing Hammersmith as an attractive and vibrant location in which to visit, socialise and invest in.

We are currently exploring further ways to enhance the community by improving the levels of security vigilance through the funding of search wands and earpieces for door staff. UV lamps to check for counterfeit bank notes are also being provided and we are increasing the usage of the SafetyNet radio scheme across the wider town centre.