SafetyNet Radio System for Safer Town Centre

The BID-sponsored SafetyNet radio system is a fast time link, bringing the business community, policing teams and CCTV together and making the town centre a safer and more connected environment in which to work, invest in and for visitors to enjoy.


Focusing on strengthening our security sector, the network plays a significant part in protecting public safety, increasing crime prevention awareness and promotes a team approach in combatting offences of theft, violence and anti-social behaviour impacting the business community.


We are currently rolling out an innovative training package for existing SafetyNet radio users throughout the month of October. We are also actively seeking new businesses who want to participate in the scheme.


For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss what benefits the groups or participation in the SafetyNet Radio network will bring you, please contact the Hammersmith BID Operations Manager, Gordon Brockie on T 020 3362 4626 M 07931703129  E