Talgarth Road Green Corridor open to public

A neglected part of Hammersmith has been dramatically transformed into a vibrant and ecologically sustainable new pathway for visitors and wildlife to enjoy.

Located in the shadows of the Hammersmith Flyover, the Talgarth Road Green Corridor will now serve as an attractive and biodiverse route that will help to boost air quality, reduce surface water run-off and act as a pleasant new green space in Hammersmith.

A multi-partnership project between HammersmithLondon Business Improvement District (BID), Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Transport for London and the Greater London Authority, the corridor was officially completed in May 2016 after three months of construction work.

The site was highlighted through the BID’s green audit of Hammersmith as an area with excessive amounts of surface water run-off, no irrigation system, unsuitable planting and due to its location next to the A4, for having particularly high levels of NO2 and exhaust particulates.

Following the overhaul, Talgarth Road has gone from an uninspiring grey area into a flourishing green corridor by with a new cycle lane and planting, new trees and SUDs drainage to help attenuate rain water using SUDS reduce carbon and attract new wildlife.