The Tom Ryland box opens at the Lyric

A box at the Lyric Theatre has been renamed in memory of former HammersmithBID board member Tom Ryland.

Tom, who passed away earlier this year, was a long-valued supporter of the BID. His many hard-working endeavours included important lobbying work on the Hammersmith Fly-under project.

He was also the President of the Hammersmith Society and a well-respected figure in the local community.

To give him a fitting memorial, the BID organised for the box dedication as part of the wider refurbishment of the Lyric theatre carried out this year.

The box was officially opened last week – with a reception, attended by 40 friends, family and colleagues, in the Lyric’s Orr room.

Arun Sondhi, Executive Director HammersmithBID, Hans Haenlein, from the Hammersmith Society, and Tom’s widow Elizabeth Ryland all delivered speeches, paying tribute to a much-missed member of the Hammersmith community.