BID police officers & CCTV operator ensure town centre stays safe

It’s been a busy start to the year as the BID police officers & CCTV operator have been working hard to ensure Hammersmith remains safe. 

Almost 1,500 transmissions were made over the Safetynet Radio system in January, which included the reporting of 50 incidents that led to 11 arrests. The radio system allows businesses to contact the CCTV operator directly, so they can feed information to them about criminals operating in the area.

So far this year the operator has responded to a number of business concerns about shoplifters in the area. Tracking their movements through the area, he relays their locations and descriptions to officers on the ground, which subsequently lead to arrests and stolen items returned.

There was one particular situation where the operator was integral in keeping a dangerous criminal off the streets. A King Street retailer informed the operator that a potential shoplifter had left their store. Picking the male suspect up on CCTV, the operator informed police of his whereabouts and they swooped in to arrest him.

After searching him, they not only found stolen items from that store but a very large knife. Thanks was given to the operator, whose keen eye ensured that this potentially dangerous criminal was arrested.