Try our Hammersmith Honey now

The BID was delighted to welcome bees to the roof of the Lyric Hammersmith as we partner with the theatre to help reverse the decline of the bee population. The 3 hives containing approximately 180,000 Buckfast bees arrived under the cloak of nightfall in June and they have been busy gathering pollen from around the area to create our Hammersmith Honey, which is now available. You can try it for the first time at the Hammersmith Christmas market this Saturday, where it will be sold. It will also be available to buy from the Lyric Hammersmith.

The bee population, who are vital to pollinating the planet’s crops is under threat. This situation was discussed earlier in the year in the House of Lords and highlighted by Sir David Attenborough. Urban beekeeping tries to address the problem by providing bees a safe area for them in which to thrive. Having bees will help the Lyric’s green sedum roof mature through pollination and help improve air quality and biodiversity in the local area.

Patricia Bench, BID Director at HammersmithLondon said, “The BID is delighted to partner with the Lyric on this project as part of our commitment to creating a greener and friendlier town centre in Hammersmith. We encourage other businesses and residents to include bee-friendly planting in their gardens and look forward to trying our Hammersmith honey!”

Sian Alexander, Executive Director at the Lyric Hammersmith said, “Our new bees will help us to have a positive impact on the environment, something we continually strive to take direct action to address. Bees are integral to our natural world – pollination is essential to maintain many of the food supplies on which human life depends – yet they are under threat and their numbers are dwindling. So, it only felt right that the Lyric Hammersmith should do what we can to help these amazing insects continue to do what they do best. I’m delighted to welcome them to their new home on the Lyric’s green sedum roof. We all look forward to tasting their honey and learning more about these incredible creatures.”

If you are interested in having an apiary in your building, please get in touch.